Cream on the Crotch

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Even though Alexa Bold's been in the kitchen preparing her world-famous cream pie filling all morning, she hasn't got a speck of dirt on her sleek satin pantsuit. While stirring the concoction, she wanders around the house to check if everything is in order for her the party later. She gets so preoccupied, she doesn't realize she's spilled some cream on the couch, until friend Christina Lee comes over, also dressed 'to the nines' and sits right in it. Alexa apologizes profusely, and tries to wipe it off, but just ends up wiping it into the soft fabric on her ass. The girls can't believe what a mess they've made, and decide that there's no way out of it, so instead they start a sexy, sensual, panty-wetting cream covered girl-on-girl rubdown that leaves both bangin' babes slick with sticky cream.

Runtime21 minutes
ResolutionSD 480p
File formatmp4
File size201 MB
Picture count175
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English