A Tempting House Inspection

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Martin and Tina Gabriel have been stressed out living in the city center, and have recruited real estate agent Virus Vellons to find them a place in the country where they can go if they need to to get out of the city, and just relax.. When they arrive at another place that Virus claims is just “perfect” for them, they are skeptical, but once inside, Virus makes them feel a little more at home. After taking a look around, they realize that it's pretty nice, but still aren't sure, Virus realizes to seal the deal, she's gotta throw in an extra bonus: her red-hot bootie. While negotiating in the bedroom with Tina, the two of them start to feel each other's silk and satin clothes, getting each other real hot and wet in the crotch, soaking their pantyhose through. Soon they're busted by Martin who comes in to see what is taking them so long, and upon finding the two babes together, Virus' pantyhose ripped open, he quickly figures out the score and dives into this fully clothed sex session where the couple, with the help of Virus, end up finding the relaxation they were looking for. Consider this place SOLD!

Runtime25 minutes
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Language in movie English