Free Toppings

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Victoria Rose is a take-no-prisoners business woman, who has vowed to unload her surplus of syrup on ice cream shop mogul, Winnie, which she does, although not exactly as planned. The two meet for a high-power business lunch to try to do a deal, but neither will budge and both are frustrated. Unfortunately they take their frustration out on innocent waitress Yulia, who comes to offer them some after-lunch dessert and ends up getting treated so poorly by the business bitches that she decides to give them a free dessert— syrup topping included, free of charge. And by “free of charge” she means that she's going to use Victoria's syrup, and by “topping” she means she's going to spread it all over Victoria in her sexy satin blouse. Offended at first, then turned on, the wet and messy loving babes soon get into an erotic tussle with the syrup- part serious, but mostly sensual, and soon they are on the floor rubbing their silk, satin and syrup covered Eurobabe bods all over one another in a sweet visual treat almost good enough to eat!

Runtime28 minutes
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