Spray Paint Fight!

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Barbara Summer and Diana have been friends for a long time now, that is, until Barbara found out Diana was talking shit about her! So when the unsuspecting Diana goes to get her hair done before an important shoot by her 'old friend', she gets a total messy make over! Instead of hairspray, Barbara grabs a bottle of spray paint and starts spraying the fuck out of Diana's hair! When Diana realizes what's happening she jumps up and grabs a can of her own and the two go at it in a ferocious and messy catfight that destroys both their hair, bodies and outfits. The girls grab everything they can get their hands on- paint, dye, silly string, and like the crazy hot chicks they are, are soon rolling around on the floor giggling forgetting what they were even fighting about in the first place.

Runtime17 minutes
ResolutionSD 480p
File formatmp4
File size170 MB
Picture count111
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English