Mon: A shallow Thai teen’s tale

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The boys were hanging out near a little sitting park when they spotted this lovely Thai teen. She was reading a magazine and newspaper of some type (she can read! That’s a good start, right?) and Mr Naughty approached to see if he could get her interested in a little sumfin’ sumfin’! Her English was piss poor, lets be honest, but do you really need to say much to get the point across with girls as lovely as this? I mean, why else would a tall handsome stranger approach her? It’s not for tea and crumpets, lemme tell ya what.. and it’s not ‘only’ to give her a ride home or hold her newspaper and magazine for her!

There’s something absolutely adorable about this Thai teen. I mean, a smile like that, the gentle care-free charisma of the way she carries herself about and the intense nervous daydreaming as she explores and gets explored by her new friend back at the hotel.. it all seems to feel at home to her but also seems to please her deep curiosities and desires. Maybe she’s done this before? Of course she has! And she’s loving every second of getting fondled, legs spread open, her Thai teen puki fingered wildly, her pussy eaten and after some meat in her mouth to cure her hunger… cock stuffed in her hole all the way to the tip?!?

Lets not split hairs about this Thai teen. Judging from the stretch marks and the blatant desires to please cock, it’s obvious this one spit out an offspring already but what truly surprised us all was just how shallow this girl really is when it comes down to stuffing her mutton hole. I don’t know how she managed to fit a cock in there to breed let alone was able to slither out her product of love-making, but Mr Naughty could hardly get the tip in let alone anything more than 3 inches of shaft at first! Sometimes, these Asian women just bounce back like child-birth never happened, lucky for us, right?

Of course, after some work, she finally managed to take it nearly balls-deep and as the sounds of her gasps would make it obvious to anyone, it’s probably deeper than she’s had it in awhile, if at all! Such a cute little ass, such a tight little pussy and so much eagerly desire to pound her pussy down hard on that larger-than-life cock! Most girls would give up by this point but Mon here, was not about to give up a challenge like this. After an explosion of cum finally blew across her freshly fucked tender body, this Thai teen had this “Is my pussy gonna be ok?” look about her as she ran off to the shower! Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny.

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