All Greased Up

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Cindy and Sheryl are in the office testing out a brand new company product — a brand new form of body oil. This body oil is supposed to moisturize the skin, and the magical thing about it is that clothing won’t absorb it…. Or will it? Well, this is something that the ladies are eager to test out. They both happen to be wearing their finest silk clothes, and when their boss Mindy arrives, she is quite surprised to find her two underlings covered in transparent oil! The way it clings to their clothes, well… Apparently this product does not do everything it says. Not only does it cling to their clothing, it actually pulls their clothes down, so pretty soon, their lubed up breasts are hanging out. This fabulous and unbelievable wet and messy episode stars Corny, Sara, and Rachel Evans.

Runtime23 minutes
ResolutionSD 360p
File formatmp4
File size244 MB
Picture count140
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movie English